These include a variety of spindle oils ,hydraulic oils ,flushing oils ,calibrating oils ,quenching oils and stamping oils.

AQUASPIN 5/12/22

  • Blended from highly refined low viscosity base stocks having inherent oxidation and chemical stability.
  • These oils are fortified further with anti-foam, anti-wear, anti-oxidant additives.
  • They provide lowest fluid friction, good strength of oil film and good demulsibility.
  • Ideally used for lubrication of textile and machine tools, spindle bearings, timing gears, positive displacement blowers and hydraulic systems of certain high precision machine tools.

AQUA HYDROL-22/32/46/57/68/100/150

  • They are blended from highly refined base stocks and selective performance additives. They provide excellent stability and anti-wear performance.
  • Recommended for use in hydraulic systems .They contain anti-oxidant and anti-foam additives.

AQUA MACHINOL-32/46/68/100/150/220/320

  • General purpose machine oils.


  • Low viscosity mineral oil prepared from solvent refined base stocks fortified with proprietary additives to produce a reference fluid for diesel injection testing equipment.
  • It is suitable for all hand operated and power driven pump test stands and nozzle testing apparatus


  • It is a low viscosity mineral oil with good cleaning and flushing properties.
  • It can also be used for flushing oil sumps,transmissions and gear boxes, to remove dirt, deposits and wear particles.


  • AQUA QUENCH-39 is a quenching oil blended from high viscosity index base stocks having good oxidation stability, good fluidity and low volatility. The oil is used for normal quenching operations on wide variety of steel parts such as nuts and bolts, ball bearings, certain types of brake drums and is particularly suitable for quenching of cyanided parts.
  • AQUA QUENCH-42 is a petroleum based quenchant which is incorporated with polar additive to impart accelerated quenching properties to the oil. Recommended for general purpose quenching operations but not suitable for quenching of cyanided parts.


  • AQUA CT-3 is specially formulated for use in wash-roller units as a dual purpose lubricating and washing fluid.
  • Blended to an optimum viscosity to ensure maximum flushing and wetting in automotive wash rollers while maintaining lubricity for stamping operations.
  • It contains a blend of corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion of the panels on storage. The extreme pressure additives incorporated in the product provide good surface finish and maximize punch life.


  • It is a specially formulated grease that contains a super advanced combination of oxidation inhibitors that give VIVA-102 an unprecedented degree of rust resisting stability.