Corrosion is initiated when moisture present on the surface of the metal forms an electrolyte. When an electrolyte forms, an electrical circuit is complete thus enabling the flow of electrons from high energy areas to low energy areas.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors OR Vapor Phase Inhibitors (VPI) are a class of corrosion inhibiting compounds, where all the ingredients have sufficient energy (vapor pressure) to release molecules from the compound into the air and block the corrosive effect of electrolytes. Electron scanning instrumentation shows that the VPI-rich atmosphere causes VPI molecules to condense in a microscopic layer on all the surfaces they can ingress.

Our Volatile corrosion inhibiting products contain proprietary chemical systems which volatilize at room temperature to form a protective coating around the metal they protect. If moisture is present they permeate the moisture thereby inhibiting corrosion.

Our Vapour Phase Inhibitors are available in different forms.


  • Various grades and sizes of kraft paper impregnated with VPI chemicals
  • Ideally suited to provide a dry packing for metallic components, both ferrous and non-ferrous.
  • Prevents tarnishing of silver items.
  • CORO-PAPER WRAP 135 BP: Laminated kraft paper for heavy items.


  • Vapour corrosion inhibitor powder protects iron & steel articles by its unique vapour action.
  • It can be dissolved in suitable solvent & sprayed on the articles for temporary protection. Can also be applied by dipping.


  • Pouches of COROGARD inhibitor kits strategically positioned in containers, wooden crates / cardboard boxes to provide an anti-corrosive atmosphere to the consignments being shipped.
  • The Vapour corrosion inhibiting chemicals present in the inhibitor kits volatilize at room temperature thereby forming a protective layer over the component.
  • Available in various sizes.


  • COROTABS are used to provide rust preventive properties to the interiors of the enclosed spaces such as pipes, tubes,coils,tanks etc.
  • COROTABS have low vapour pressure for easy volatilisation. These pellets volatilize at ambient temperature and form a corrosion preventive film on the interiors of the pipes,tubes, condenser coils,tanks etc. Also, any moisture present in the enclosed space dissolves in the anti-corrosive vapors and becomes ineffective in causing rusting.


  • Bags made out of various grades of kraft and laminated papers.
  • Available in various grades for ferrous and non-ferrous / multimetal combinations. viz.
  • Useful for small precision items as well as high value items.


  • LDPE bags impregnated with a combination of anti-corrosive chemicals.
  • Useful for copper and brass items.


  • A special type of VPI paper having anti-rust & anti-fungal properties.
  • It prevents the growth of fungi or moulds on leather,
  • Can be sprayed on wooden articles and crates to prevent fungus formation during sea voyage or storage under high humidity conditions.