We offer a wide range of industrial cleaning agents for washing machines whose usage is directed mainly towards the engineering & the automotive sectors. These are used for the degreasing of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, transmission blocks, sheet metal components and many other automotive parts to remove the swarf, shavings, grit , dirt , the light machine oils and cutting fluids used during drilling , honing, cutting and general machining operations.

Our range of industrial cleaning agents extends from products which are used in spray washers for degreasing, soot and carbon from heat treated components to cleaners that can be used to clean swarf, dirt and debris from components in a dunking tank.

Aquarius is one stop solution for Industrial Cleaning agents in Mumbai, India.

Our range includes:

SYNCLEAN -21 Series

  • They have been formulated specifically for use as spray wash cleaners.
  • Suitable spray plants consist mostly of a one or a two stage tunnel wash with an efficient blow drier and an oil skimmer is operational.
  • Best results obtained when pressure more than 5 kg/cm² is used.
  • Produces a clean, bright ,corrosion resistant and stain free finish on components , making it ideal for use as an interstage or final wash (prior to assembly) cleaner.

SYNCLEAN-30 series

  • Superior degreasing agent for spray wash applications.
  • Prevents the re-deposition of swarf and debris onto the component after washing.
  • Highly versatile cleaner which can be used to clean components at room temperature or at elevated temperatures as the application may demand.
  • It provides temporary rust prevention to the cleaned part and is an ideal replacement for solvent emulsion cleaners.

SUPRACLEAN-40 series

  • Industrial Cleaning Agents Particularly useful in degreasing heat treated components which are contaminated with carbon particles & soot.
    Other applications include the removal of oil and grease from bearings., stencil inks, air-conditioning and recirculating systems and general purpose heavy duty cleaning.
  • Non-volatile and non–inflammable.


  • Cleaning agent for very high pressure systems and robotic cleaning machines.

SYNCLEAN-45 series

  • It is an ideal product used for washing crates and bins, used in the engineering, automotive and allied industries.
  • It is specially formulated to remove oil, grease, swarf and dust from the articles and prevents the re-deposition of the same during cleaning.
  • The product can be used in spray cleaners or in a dunking bath.


  • Package designed for degreasing, water displacement and rust prevention of railway bearings
  • GENOLITE -309 –Degreasing agent
  • GENOLITE-306 -- Water displacing fluid.
  • GENOLITE-321 -- Rust preventive oil


  • Cleaning agent specifically formulated for dunking applications.
  • Ideal for degreasing small as well as big components.
  • Removes oil, grease and carbon deposits from components


  • Solvent based safe cleaning agent for engineering items & automotive parts.
  • Quick solvent action removes contaminants trapped in the contours and the crevices of the component.
  • Useful for degreasing precision components and those having intricate designs such as bearings. Also for cleaning heavy engine parts, blocks & related components in shipyards ,oil rigs etc.


  • Evaporative type solvent suitable for electrical instruments, electronic and allied components such as plugs, sockets,butt connectors,relays,switches ,ignition points ,commutators,sliprings,bush assemblies etc.


  • Cleaning agent in LCD and electronic industry.