Rust preventive oils find wide usage in corrosion prevention during storage and transportation of components. The prevention period ranges from a few months upto 2 years. They are widely classified into two types -- drying type (for long term storage) and non-drying type (for shorter duration).

RUSTOL-192/254/260 series

  • Solvent based rust preventive oils having quick drying properties. The oil on application and evaporation of solvents leaves a tough dry film.
  • Ideal for components where long term storage is desired.
  • The film formed can be removed by wiping the part with diesel or kerosene.

RUSTOL-255/273 series

  • Mobile liquid consisting of film forming ingredients and rust inhibitors. After application a soft, thin and transparent protective film is obtained.
  • Dipping, spraying or brushing can apply these rust preventive oils. However, for best results use the dip method.
  • Recommended for internal protection of oil and fuel pumps, back axle assemblies, fuel and oil tanks .The oil film formed is compatible with lubricating oils.

RUSTOL-300 series

  • RUSTOL-300 series are solvent based rust preventives. On the evaporation of the solvent a thin transparent rust preventive film is left behind .The film can be removed by degreasing on a degreasing machine or by wiping off with a piece of cloth soaked in kerosene/mineral
  • Premium rust preventive oils ideal for highly machined components, tools and precision parts.
  • Can be applied by spraying or by dipping.

RUSTOL-321 series

  • Superior rust preventive consisting of film forming ingredients, rust inhibitors and water displacement additives.
  • Provides a soft, tenacious, oily film after application.
  • It is specially formulated as a protective oil for all kinds of bearings. The oil can be used for a dual purpose- for interprocess treatments as well as for application on precision parts at the final packing stage.
  • Should preferably be applied by dip method.

RUSTOL-346 series

  • RUSTOL-346 series comprise of our premium rust preventive oils inhibited with special additives, having excellent water displacement and fingerprint neutralisation characteristics.
  • They are exceptionally high performance rust preventives useful for a wide range of items ranging from automotive parts, machined forgings, steel pipes and sheets to high tensile fasteners. They are used as sealants for phosphated components and recommended as a
    lubricant in mild steel processing operations.
  • Suitable for components that are machined with water based solutions or emulsions before the final packaging stage.
  • Ideal for export packaging.
  • Should preferably be applied by dip method.

RUSTOL-GF-387 series

  • These oils are soft wax like solids at room temperature.
  • Best applied by the hot dip method where it is melted in a suitable container and the component is dipped in the molten bath. On cooling a very tenacious and thick film is obtained which confers long term protection. It is suitable for highly finished as well as normal machined surfaces.
  • It is ideal for oil seals, piston assemblies, transmission and timing chains, wire ropes and single items such as plain bearing inserts, milling cutters, finished gauges,crankshafts, engine blocks and heads.